There are some special occasions when only the best will do. From bespoke weddings, to corporate events, to intimate parties, we can offer a no compromise dining experience to suit your every need.


Don't compromise

Scott Davis has been taught by the best: Marco Pierre White, Nobu, Gordon Ramsey, Gary Rhodes and Jean Gorges in New York. He has learnt his trade the hard way by working with the people with the highest, and most exacting standards. It's in this high standards you can trust. You know that you will be in good hands.

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Your trust in us matters

This is your big day. We understand that. You want it to go right. And you want everyone to go away thinking that was just the best food ever. So do we. We know you have placed your trust in us, and that is why we stay working so late, and rise so early. Making you proud matters to us.

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Teams win

The ingredients for any successful business is to build a team first, And to build it around the central purpose of the company: Our purpose is to quite simply make sure you have a great day. So we hire people who care, who love food, and who generally love pleasing other people. Everyone wins by doing that.


We sell gold

We buy the best ingredients. We pay a fair price for them. And we use all our skill to cook them as simply and beautifully as we know how. We train our team to a high standard. There will always be people out there who are cheaper than us. But we sell gold.

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Consistency is the real genius

Anyone can be good once. But to be repeatedly excellent that is where the true genius lies. Consistency comes from skill, hard work and discipline. Discipline means following your own rules that we have set ourselves. And it is relentless. Each day. Every day. There are no short cuts. Reputations are hard to make and easy to lose.


Be generous

We believe in being generous with our portions, with our praise for our team, with our efforts to please you. We are here to make your day special, and that means us going the extra mile as a matter of course. A smile costs nothing. Good manners cost nothing. In our book, you can't be too generous.


The only thing that matters is everything

In order to make something look easy, a great deal of hard work has to be done beforehand. Every detail considered. Every detail thought through. Every detail executed as you planned it in your head. We understand how important this day is to to you. So we pay attention to the smallest detail.


If it's just about the food, you will pick us

Provenance matters when it comes to freshness. Fortunately, on our doorstep are some of the best growers, and the best producers on the planet, and using them just makes, well, perfect sense. Our aim is to be the best.