Bust A Move - Get Your Wedding Dance On

Ah, the wedding dance.

Ever since this video of a couple breaking out of their romantic glide across the dance floor into 'Baby Got Back' went viral, more and more couples have taken to busting out the surprise choreography during their first dance. 

From groomsmen stripping down to their Sasha Fierce gear to perform 'Single Ladies' to getting the whole wedding party involved emulating a Pulp Fiction-style holdup, the internet is a glorious place to discover the very best instances in which the bride and groom become their own wedding's entertainment.

Because of that, it's actually getting harder and harder to hit that whole 'surprise' thing right on the head. But what could be more unsuspecting that a groom's dance with his mother? Well ... sit back, press play and enjoy.

If you want to smack your guests round the chops with your signature moves, here's a cracking recipe for the ultimate surprise first dance:

1. A seemingly harmless first dance song to start off with. Preferably something mildly boring. You want people to choke on that yawn they were stifling. Tip: keep this part short. 

2. A ripping medley of tunes. 90's pop appears to work well, with a bit of Jacksons and current hip hop. Your mother dancing to Soulja Boy? Come on now.

3. A well rehearsed routine. If you're going to do it, nail those dance moves. But also know when to stop. 3-5 minutes is good.

4. The inclusion of 'Jump on It', just like in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It's just the law.