FRIENDS Themed Proposal

It may be many years since we watched the beloved characters of FRIENDS lock up Monica's apartment and roll credits on a ten year sitcom love affair, but for the truest of fans ... the show never really ended.

When Mitesh decided it was time to pop the big question to girlfriend and FRIENDS fanatic Anisha, he knew exactly the way he wanted to do it. Approaching UK proposal planning company 'The Proposers' with his idea, it then took three months to plan and execute this beautiful moment. 

Finding a couch and a lamp that matched the very ones in the opening credits of her favourite show, they created the ultimate backdrop in Red Cross Gardens, London, complete with twinkling lights and candles a'plenty. And to top it off? They were serenaded with an acoustic version of that infamous theme tune.

Whether you love FRIENDS or hate it, this is all kinds of heart warming.

All together now ... aaaaaaaaaah!