Oliver & Ruth

Wedding photography has seen a change in recent years. Turns out, we've had enough of standing stiffly, smiling until our cheeks are sore, terrified to let our breaths out incase our stomachs go with it. Say cheese? Not so much.

We want to be ourselves on our big days. We don't want to worry about what we look like or how we're standing. We want to love, and laugh and well ... have a bloody good time.

That's where photographers like Cardiff based duo Oliver and Ruth step in. Their documentary style means they capture your day without imposing upon it.

Thirty minutes tops is all they ask for to capture portraits of family, the rest they melt into the fringes and let the event unfurl naturally. 

The result is beautifully organic imagery that reflects the couple, the emotion and the atmosphere of the day far more than any posed photo could ever imagine. A true and unspoilt documentation of the day you'll want to remember for the rest of your life, just the way it was.

- Oliver & Ruth