The Wedding Haka

Although for most of us, our existing impression of the Haka is a team of strapping blokes in a rugby kit serving some serious tongue-pulling sass to their opposition before the match; its cultural roots go much deeper than that.

In the Kahungunu iwi tribe from the Hawkes Bay area of NZ, a Haka is a display of unity. A performance like this one, at a wedding, is a show of love and respect for the bridge and groom and their future life together.

This particular Haka - the Tika Tonu - depicts the story of a father telling his son that no matter what faces him in life, the solution to every problem lies within him. 

This is some serious goosebump-raising stuff. We suggest you take a couple of minutes to enjoy what is the most beautiful of spectacles.

And prepare for a mighty shiver down your spine.

- Translation source


Translation of Tika Tonu

What is right is always right!
In - deed! 
What is right is always right!
Ah... yes! 
Be true to yourself, my son!
My concerns have been raised about you, so pay attention!.... .
What is this problem you are carrying?
How long have you been carrying it for?
Have you got that? Right, let's go on.
So son, although it may be difficult for you
and son, although it seems to be unyielding
no matter how long you reflect on it
the answer to the problem
is here inside you.
ndeed! Indeed! Indeed! Yes, indeed!