Scott Davis
Sept 2010 - Present

Executive Head Chef

Key Responsibilities:
Consulting and establishing a menu based on Bride and Groom’s preference
Overseeing kitchen brigade 
Present during service depending on availability
Quality management

Kirsty Manning
Sept 2010 - Present

Managing Director

Key Responsibilities:
Consulting and establishing  Bride and Groom’s specification
Management of quotation and accounts
Overseeing set up of venue 
Organising hiring needs

Bethan ryder
march 2016 - Present

Front of House Manager

Bethan began working with Strawberry Shortcake early 2016. It wasn't long before Kirsty handed over the responsibility of running her first wedding. With her excellent organisation and people skills Bethan ensures the whole day runs smoothly with ease and confidence.

Key Responsibilities:
Overseeing front of house staff
Management of front of house service
Overseeing set up of venue
Time management of event ensuring service is kept on time
Point of contact for master of ceremony

Nia cole
April 2012 - Present

Back of House Manager & Office Manager

Nia basically keeps us all in line…. and she’s very good at it:)



Key Responsibilities:
Administrative Duties
Human Resource Management

......and much much more.

Rhydian Jones
Sept 2010 - Present


Back in 2010 Rhydian joined the team as Scotts young apprentice. Eager to learn from the best, he had a natural instinct for cooking. Rhydian has grown into a great chef, he runs a wedding kitchen with confidence. His presence at dinner parties is exceptional. We are very proud of the chef he has become.

Phoebe Powell
March 2017 - Present


Phoebe is the newest member to out team. She discovered her love for food whilst working at Writes Food Emporium Eager to learn more she’s fitted into our kitchen well and soon become the chief of breads, pastries and desserts to die for. Phoebe aspires to have her own catering van business serving street food.

OCT 2015 - Present


Carol loves nothing more than donning her whites! She joined the Strawberry kitchen crew in 2015 and worked along side her talented daughter Annalise. Annalise has since left us to follow her dream of working in a busy London kitchen, leaving Carol to continue developing her skills to become our Queen of Canapés.  We are delighted with the food she produces.



Vanessa Powell
Kelly Thomas
Andrew Thomas